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Topic Last Modified: 2010-07-05

Follow the steps below if you want to define a translation rule by writing a regular expression for the matching pattern and translation rule. Alternatively, you can enter a set of values in the Build a Translation Rule tool and allow Communications Server Control Panel to generate the corresponding matching pattern and translation rule for you. See Create or Modify a Translation Rule by Using the Build a Translation Rule Tool for more information.

To begin defining a translation rule, follow the procedure to create or edit a trunk configuration, and create or edit a translation rule as explained in those procedures. For more information, see Configure Media Bypass on a Trunk or Configure a Trunk Without Media Bypass.

To define a translation rule manually

  1. In the Name field on the New Translation Rule or Edit Translation Rule dialog box, type a name that describes the number pattern being translated.

  2. (Optional) In Description field, type a description of the translation rule, for example US International long-distance dialing.

  3. Click Edit at the bottom of the Build a Translation Rule section of the dialog box.

  4. Enter the following in the Type a Regular Expression dialog box:

    • In the Match this pattern field, specify the pattern that will be used to match the numbers to be translated.

    • In the Translation rule field, specify a pattern for the format of translated numbers.

    For example, if you enter ^\+(\d{9}\d+)$ in the Match this pattern field and 011$1 in the Translation rule field, the rule will translate +441235551010 to 011441235551010.

  5. Click OK to save the translation rule.

  6. Click OK to save the trunk configuration.

Any time you create or modify a translation rule, you must run the Commit All command to publish the configuration change. For more information, see Publish Pending Changes to the Voice Routing Configuration.

If you are in the process of defining a translation rule for a new trunk connection that enables media bypass, continue configuring media bypass by choosing between Global Media Bypass Options.

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