This reference documents API classes to develop applications for and manage Microsoft Lync Server 2010.


Use Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Server SDK to create Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) server applications that customize and extend the functionality of Lync Server 2010.

Server SDK provides the following:

  • Lync Server 2010 Application API documentation

  • Sample applications using the Lync Server 2010Application API

  • Lync Server 2010Application API library (serverAgent.dll) and application development tools

Developer Audience

Lync Server 2010 Application API is for:

  • Developers who want to use Application Manifests and Microsoft SIP Processing Language (MSPL) scripts to implement simple custom SIP message filtering and routing on computers in a Lync Server 2010 deployment.

  • Experienced SIP developers who want to create SIP-based managed code server applications that implement real-time content delivery or instant messaging infrastructure, including applications that work directly with SIP transaction objects or support multithreaded transactions.

Caution noteCaution

The WMI-based Lync Server Management API is deprecated in the Lync Server 2010 release. The functionality is now supported by the Lync Server 2010 PowerShell Commandlets. For more information, see Registering a SIP Application with Lync Server and Managing a SIP Application on Lync Server.

Run-Time Requirements

  • Microsoft Lync Server 2010

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 family

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Active Directory or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory

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