By default, a local client contains at least one contact group. This group is displayed as "All Contacts" when it is the only contact group. When you have defined additional contact groups, this default group is displayed as "Other Contacts". The Office Communicator contact list in the client UI shows all of your contacts not associated with user-defined contact groups under the "Other Contacts" group. This default group actually contains all of your contacts regardless of user-defined group affiliation. When the custom contact list is filled, only those contacts not already added to the ListView as part of a user-defined group are added to the default group.

The contactClass iterates on the IMessengerContact objects in the collection obtained by querying IMessengerGroup::Contacts. The following programming tasks are accomplished by the createGroupListItem(object passedGroup, int groupCount). This method can be found in the complete code listing at the end of the topic.

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