Office Communicator applications can be written in many programming languages including the Microsoft® C#® development tool, C/C++, and scripting languages such as JavaScript. However, the requirements differ for different languages. For example, a managed application requires that the Office Communicator Automation API type libraries are added to the project's references. C++ applications might need the proper header files or declare the required class or interface IDs. For a script, the COM class name is needed. These are explained in this section as a prerequisite of writing an Office Communicator 2007 application.

Development Environments

Describes how to build and deploy a Communicator application.

Object Instantiation

Describes how to create a Communicator object in different programming languages.

Interface Member Invocations

Describes how to call methods and properties of the interfaces implemented by the object, after a Communicator object (implementing the IMessenger and other interfaces) is created.

Event Notification and Registration

Describes synchronous and asynchronous methods or properties on an interface and status changes, as well as notification.

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