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Retrieves information about one or more call admission control (CAC) subnets.


Get-CsNetworkSubnet [-Identity <XdsGlobalRelativeIdentity>] [-LocalStore <SwitchParameter>]
Get-CsNetworkSubnet [-Filter <String>] [-LocalStore <SwitchParameter>]


Parameter Required Type Description




The unique subnet ID of the subnet you want to retrieve. This value will be either an IP address (such as or a URL beginning with http: or https:.




Use this parameter to perform a wildcard search of all subnets based on Identity. For example, the Filter value 172.11.* will retrieve all subnets with an Identity beginning with 172.11. (such as,, etc.).




Retrieves the network subnet information from the local replica of the Central Management database, rather than the Central Management database itself.

Detailed Description

A subnet is used to associate an endpoint with a network site for the purposes of determining location and limiting bandwidth. Each subnet must be associated with a CAC network site. Use this cmdlet to retrieve information about the subnet, including the Identity (the subnet ID), the number of mask bits, the associated network site, and the description of the subnet.

Return Types

Returns one or more objects of type Microsoft.Rtc.Management.WritableConfig.Settings.NetworkConfiguration.SubnetType.


-------------------------- Example 1 --------------------------

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This example retrieves all subnets within the Communications Server deployment.

-------------------------- Example 2 --------------------------

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Get-CsNetworkSubnet -Identity

This example retrieves all information about the subnet with the Identity (the Subnet ID)

-------------------------- Example 3 --------------------------

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Get-CsNetworkSubnet -Filter 172.11.*

This example retrieves all subnets with identities that begin with 172.11..

-------------------------- Example 4 --------------------------

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Get-CsNetworkSubnet | Where-Object {$_.NetworkSiteID -eq "Vancouver"}

Example 4 retrieves all subnets associated with the Vancouver site. We first call Get-CsNetworkSubnet cmdlet with not parameters, which we saw in Example 2 retrieves all defined subnets. We then pipe this collection of subnets to the Where-Object cmdlet. Where-Object takes that collection and narrows it down to only those subnets with a NetworkSiteID equal to (-eq) Vancouver.