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Removes a link between two regions configured for call admission control (CAC).


Remove-CsNetworkRegionLink -Identity <XdsGlobalRelativeIdentity> [-Confirm [<SwitchParameter>]] [-Force <SwitchParameter>] [-WhatIf [<SwitchParameter>]]


Parameter Required Type Description




The unique identifier of the network region link you want to remove. Network region links are created only at the global scope, so this identifier does not need to specify a scope. Instead, it contains a string that is a unique name that identifies that link.




Prompts you for confirmation before executing the command.




Describes what would happen if you executed the command without actually executing the command.

Detailed Description

Regions within a network are linked through physical WAN connectivity. This cmdlet does not impact any physical connections, but it does remove the link from the CAC configuration.

Return Types

This cmdlet does not return a value. It removes an object of type Microsoft.Rtc.Management.WritableConfig.Settings.NetworkConfiguration.NetworkRegionLinkType.


-------------------------- Example 1 --------------------------

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Remove-CsNetworkRegionLink -Identity NA_EMEA

This first example removes the network region link with the Identity NA_EMEA.

-------------------------- Example 2 --------------------------

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Get-CsNetworkRegionLink | Where-Object {$_.BWPolicyProfileID -eq "HighBWLimits"} | Remove-CsNetworkRegionLink

Example 2 removes all network region links that are using the bandwidth policy profile named HighBWLimits. The first cmdlet called in the example is Get-CsNetworkRegionLink (with no parameters), which will retrieve all region links. This collection of links is then piped to the Where-Object cmdlet. Where-Object looks through each member of the collection one-by-one, checking the value of the BWPolicyProfileID property. If this property is equal to (-eq) HighBWLimits, we pipe that member to the Remove-CsNetworkRegionLink cmdlet, which removes the link.