The InstantMessagingMcuSessionclass represents the Instant Messaging specific implementation of the media-agnostic McuSession. The class encapsulates operations and events relevant to the Instant Messaging Multipoint Control Unit (MCU).

InstantMessagingMcuSession State Transitions

The InstantMessagingMcuSessionstate transitions are shown in the following illustration.

  1. The transition from Idleto Activeoccurs after ConferenceSessionhas joined a conference. An InstantMessagingMcuSessioninstance can become active either before or after the callback passed to BeginJoinis called, depending on when the MCU is activated on the server.

  2. The transition from Idleto Terminatedoccurs when the parent ConferenceSessionobject joins a conference that does not support the same MCU type (for example, when an attempt is made to join an IM-only conference to an InstantMessagingMcuSessioninstance).

  3. The transition from Activeto Retryingoccurs when the Focus detects that the MCU is failing over. In this case, Unified Communications Managed API 2.0 Core SDK terminates the call with that MCU, provided that the call already exists. This transition also occurs when the ConferenceSessionobject reconnects to the Focus. Because the MCU is not known to be failing over, the call is not terminated in this case.

  4. The transition from Retryingto Activeoccurs when the failover process is complete, or when the ConferenceSessionhas reconnected to the Focus and the MCU is active. It is possible for the ConferenceSessionto reconnect to the Focus, but the InstantMessagingMcuSessionstate does not change to Activeif the MCU has not been activated on the server.

InstantMessagingMcuSession Constructors

The InstantMessagingMcuSessionclass has no public constructors.

InstantMessagingMcuSession Properties

The following are the public properties on the InstantMessagingMcuSessionclass.

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// Gets the media types supported by the MCU.
public override IEnumerable<string> SupportedMediaTypes

InstantMessagingMcuSession Methods

The following are the public methods on the InstantMessagingMcuSessionclass.

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// Requests that the MCU initiate a call to the entity.
public IAsyncResult BeginDialOut(
	string destinationUri,
	AsyncCallback userCallback,
	object state);

// Waits for the pending operation to complete.
public new ParticipantCommandResponse EndDialOut(
	IAsyncResult result);

// Gets the properties of the participant in this MCU.
public bool TryGetParticipantEndpointProperties(
	ParticipantEndpoint endpoint,
	out InstantMessagingMcuParticipantEndpointProperties

// Processes added or removed participant endpoints to the MCU.
protected override void HandleParticipantEndpointAttendanceChanged(
	McuParticipantEndpointProperties>> addedEndpoints,
	McuParticipantEndpointProperties>> removedEndpoints);

// Processes updated session properties.
protected override void HandlePropertiesChanged(
	PropertyMergeInformation<McuSessionProperties> pmi);

// Processes updated MCU participant endpoint properties.
protected override void HandleParticipantEndpointPropertiesChanged(
	ParticipantEndpoint endpoint,

// Recycles the InstantMessagingMcuSession for reuse.
protected override void ResetCore();

InstantMessagingMcuSession Events

The following are the public events on the InstantMessagingMcuSessionclass.

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// Raised when endpoints join or leave the MCU.
public event

// Raised when a participant property changes.
public event