An application can escalate a two-party IM conversation to a conference conversation only after the conference has been successfully joined, and the ConversationStateof the conference is Connected. The escalation process involves moving the existing IM calls into the Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) session, requesting that the remote participant from the existing two-party IM conversation join the ad hocconference, and terminating the two-party IM session with the remote participant. If the escalation is unsuccessful, the conversation reverts to a two-party call and no other participants can be invited.

A two-party audio/video conversation cannot be escalated to a conference. The audio/video provider that is supplied with Unified Communications Managed API 2.0 Core SDK does not support escalation of this type. If your application must enable the escalation of an audio/video conversation to a conference, you must provide a custom subclass of the MediaProviderabstract class. For more information, see Extending the MediaProvider Classand the other topics in the Advanced Conceptssection.

The following code demonstrates escalating an IM conversation to a conference.

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