Applications can create a conversation by specifying an endpoint or by specifying an endpoint and settings for the conversation.

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//Initialize and register the endpoint, using the credentials of
the user the application will be acting as.
UserEndpointSettings userEndpointSettings = new
UserEndpointSettings(_userURI, _userServer);
userEndpointSettings.Credential = _credential;
_userEndpoint = new UserEndpoint(_collabPlatform,
_userEndpoint.BeginEstablish(EndEndpointEstablish, _userEndpoint);

//Set up the conversation.
ConversationSettings convSettings = new ConversationSettings();
convSettings.Priority = _conversationPriority.Normal;
convSettings.Subject = "Your trip plan";

//Conversation represents a collection of modalities in the context
of a dialog with one or multiple callees.
Conversation conversation = new Conversation(_userEndpoint,