A Conferenceinstance is a container for information about a conference: the URI of the conference, its subject, and related information. The ConferenceSessionand relevant McuSessionsubclasses enable joining a conference and monitoring roster events.

Conference Constructors

The Conferenceclass has no public constructors.

Conference Properties

The following are the public properties on the Conferenceclass.

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// Gets the URI of the person who scheduled the conference.
public string OrganizerUri {get;}

// Gets the conference ID, which can be used to make changes to the
public string ConferenceId {get;}

// Gets the conference URI.
public string ConferenceUri {get;}

// Gets the subject of the conference.
public string Subject {get;}

// Gets the admission policy to apply to users who wish to join.
public ConferenceAdmissionPolicy AdmissionPolicy {get;}

// Gets the long description of the conference purpose.
public string Description {get;}

// Gets the passcode to be used by anonymous users.
public string Passcode {get;}

// Gets whether the passcode is optional. A value of true indicates
that a passcode is optional.
public bool IsPasscodeOptional {get;}

// Gets the absolute UTC date and time after which the conference
can be deleted.
// The day and time must be between one year before and ten years
after the
// current date and time on the server.
public Nullable<DateTime> ExpiryTime {get;}

// Gets whether the conference is known to be currently active.
// A value of true indicates that the conference is active. 
public Nullable<bool> IsActive {get;}

// Gets the time of conference creation or
// last modification.
public Nullable<DateTime> LastUpdate {get;}

// Gets the organizer data. This can be used by a client to store
an arbitrary XML blob
// for the conference. This data is sent only to the organizer.
public string OrganizerData {get;}

// Gets the data that can be sent to conference participants.
// This section can be used to store an arbirary XML blob
// that will be sent to all participants in the conference.
public string ParticipantData {get;}

// Gets the list of participants, and their roles.
// The organizer does not need to be added to the participant list.
// An organizer is automatically added with a role of Presenter.
public Collection<ConferenceParticipantInformation>
Participants {get;}

// Gets the list of MCU settings.
// The settings appear in the conference-view element of the XML
public Collection<ConferenceMcuInformation> Mcus {get;}

// Gets the information to access a conference by phone.
public PhoneAccessInformation PhoneInformation {get;}

// Converts a conference into an object that can be used to update
its properties.
public static ConferenceScheduleInformation
ToConferenceScheduleInformation(Conference conference)/

Conference Methods

The following are the public methods on the Conferenceclass.

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// Converts the Conference into its address.
public static implicit operator RealTimeAddress(Conference

// Converts a conference into an object that can be used to update
its properties.
public static implicit operator
ConferenceScheduleInformation(Conference conference);

Conference Events

The Conferenceclass has no events.