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Why is it necessary to register the programme?

After you register the programme there will be no more limit on the number of users imposed by the trial version. You will also benefit from the free of charge technical support.


Where do I enter the registration key?

In order to enter the registration key you have to invoke the Configurator and go to the Help > Enter Registration Code menu. If you go to Help > About you will see the list of all registrations. The Add and Delete buttons allow adding new and removing existing registrations. The number of licences (the maximum number of users) is summed up from all the existing registrations.

Note. In order to register the programme under Windows Vista you have to launch the Configurator with the administrator privileges (Run as Administrator).


What do I receive after the registration?

In the e-mail with registration information you will find:

· the Key
· the Key Checksum
· the Key Password

The password is used to protect the registration key from being misused and is put into that e-mail only if it has been assigned by the dealer. If you entered the password during the registration process then it will not appear in that e-mail.


Who assigns the password to the registration key?

The password is either entered by the user in the registration form or generated by the dealer. In the latter case it is the dealer who has to supply the user with the respective password.


What are the limitations of a unregistered version?

In the trial version it is possible to create no more than 20 accounts (users) across all domains. The trial period is 30 days long. During the trial period all the programme features are accessible.


What happens if the programme runs out of the trial period if it has not been registered yet?

After the trial period expires the programme will not stop working, but there will be some more restrictions imposed: the maximum number of connections for  each protocol will be limited to 2 regardless of the current settings.