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This user guide will help you install the BatPost mail server and configure it from scratch. Even if you lack the knowledge on how to configure a  mail server the step by step instructions will help you get the mail server up and running in its default configuration.


Sooner or later you will need to make some special settings and by that time you will be able to make brave experiments concentrating on the smallest details instead of trying to grasp everything at once. Making changes to a small number of settings will always allow you to revert to what you initially had, just in case something goes wrong.


If you didn't have a chance to configure a mail server in the past it might turn out to be a tough job to do. In the process a lot of questions arise and sometimes it is very hard to find the answers. This guide provides you with the basic information about e-mail needed to understand the key principles of the way a mail server works.


A mail server can be used in various environments. The internet connection can be permanent, periodic (via the telephone line) or even not available at all.  That is why before installing the server you have to make decisions on several important issues so that afterwards you do not have to spend the time  on reconfiguring the mail server.


In the FAQ section you will find advices on how to solve the most common issues.