The Modalitytype exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method Accept
Accepts an invitation to a modality.
Public method BeginConnect
Activates a conversation modality by connecting the modality to its associated local and remote endpoints.
Public method BeginConsultativeTransfer
Transfers a connected modality to an existing conversation.
Public method BeginDisconnect
Disconnects from the modality.
Public method BeginForward(Contact, AsyncCallback, Object)
Forwards an active conversation to a specified contact.
Public method BeginForward(ContactEndpoint, AsyncCallback, Object)
Forwards an active conversation to a specified remote contact endpoint. You cannot forward conversations between the local contacts endpoints.
Public method BeginHold
Places the modality on hold.
Public method BeginRetrieve
Retrives a held modality.
Public method BeginSetProperty
Sets a property associated with this modality.
Public method BeginTransfer(Contact, TransferOptions, AsyncCallback, Object)
Transfers an active conversation to a specified remote contact.
Public method BeginTransfer(ContactEndpoint, TransferOptions, AsyncCallback, Object)
Transfer an active conversation to a specified remote contact endpoint. You cannot transfer a conversation to another local contact endpoint.
Public method CanInvoke
Returns true if a specific action is available.
Public method CanSetProperty
Returns true if a property can be set on the modality.
Public method CreateObjRef (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Public method EndConnect
Blocks calling thread until BeginConnect completes.
Public method EndConsultativeTransfer
Blocks calling thread until BeginConsultativeTransfer completes.
Public method EndDisconnect
Blocks calling thread until BeginDisconnect completes.
Public method EndForward
Blocks the calling thread until BeginForward completes.
Public method EndHold
Blocks calling thread until BeginHold completes.
Public method EndRetrieve
Blocks calling thread until BeginRetrieve completes.
Public method EndSetProperty
Blocks the calling thread until BeginSetProperty completes.
Public method EndTransfer
Blocks current thread until BeginTransfer completes and returns a list of context properties.
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Protected method MemberwiseClone(Boolean) (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject MarshalByRefObject.)
Public method Reject
Rejects an invitation to share a modality.
Public method ToString (Inherited from Object.)


  Name Description
Public property Conversation
Gets the associated conversation object.
Public property Endpoint
Sets or gets the contact endpoint that is used by the modality.
Public property Participant
Gets the associated participant object.
Public property Properties
Gets a dictionary of modality properties.
Public property State
Gets the modality state.


  Name Description
Public event ActionAvailabilityChanged
Occurs when an action availability changes.
Public event ModalityStateChanged
Occurs when modality state changes.

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