Class Description
Public class ConferenceAccessInformation
Represents the properties of a conference that can be provided to other clients that allows them to join the conference.
Public class ContextEventArgs
Represents the event data of a ContextSent or ContextReceived events.
Public class Conversation
Describes a conversation. It includes details such as the conversation participants, modalities (InstantMessaging, AudioVideo), state, etc., and implements actions such as merge, park, terminate or other conversation actions.
Public class ConversationActionAvailabilityEventArgs
Represents the event data of a ConversationActionAvailability event.
Public class ConversationManager
Manages conversation creation and removal, retrieves the collection of the conversations, joins a conference, and other conversation collection-related actions.
Public class ConversationManagerEventArgs
Represents the event data of a ConversationsManager event.
Public class ConversationPropertyChangedEventArgs
Represents the event data of a ConversationPropertyChanged event.
Public class ConversationStateChangedEventArgs
Represents the event data of a ConversationStateChanged event.
Public class InitialContextEventArgs
Represents the event data of a the BeginSendInitialContext event.
Public class InstantMessageModality
Defines the instant messaging modality. It supports actions such as sending an instant message, checking or setting the composing (typing) flag, etc. This class exposes events such as messages being sent or received.
Public class IsContributingChangedEventArgs
Represents the event data of a ContributingChanged event.
Public class IsTypingChangedEventArgs
Represents the event data of a IsTypingChanged event.
Public class MessageSentEventArgs
Represents the event data of an InstantMessageReceived event.
Public class Modality
Abstract class representing a conversation mode such as audio, video, and instant messaging.
Public class ModalityActionAvailabilityChangedEventArgs
Represents the event data of a ModalityActionAvailability event.
Public class ModalityPropertyChangedEventArgs
Represents the event data of a ModalityPropertyChanged event.
Public class ModalityStateChangedEventArgs
Represents the event data of a ModalityStateChanged event.
Public class MutedChangedEventArgs
Represents the event data of a MutedChanged event.
Public class Participant
A participant is a contact (person or phone number) that was added to a conversation. Each participant has its own modality set that represents the state of the participant in this conversation for each modality.
Public class ParticipantActionAvailabilityChangedEventArgs
Represents the event data of a ParticipantActionAvailability event.
Public class ParticipantCollectionChangedEventArgs
Represents the event data of a ParticipantCollection event.
Public class ParticipantPropertyChangedEventArgs
Represents the event data of a ParticipantPropertyChanged event.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ConferenceDisclaimerState
Enumerates the various states of the disclaimer response property.
Public enumeration ConferenceEscalationProgress
Enumerates the progressive stages of escalation from conversation to conference.
Public enumeration ContextType
Enumerates the conversation context type.
Public enumeration ConversationAcceptanceState
Enumerates the conversation acceptance states.
Public enumeration ConversationAction
Enumerates conversation actions.
Public enumeration ConversationImportance
Enumerates the conversation importance levels.
Public enumeration ConversationProperty
Enumerates the conversation properties.
Public enumeration ConversationState
Enumerates the conversation states.
Public enumeration ConversationStateChangeProperty
Enumerates the conversation state change properties.
Public enumeration InstantMessageCapabilities
Enumerates the instant messaging capabilities.
Public enumeration InstantMessageContentType
Enumerates the InstantMessage content types
Public enumeration ModalityAction
Enumerates the modality actions.
Public enumeration ModalityActionProperty
Enumerates the modality control action properties.
Public enumeration ModalityDisconnectReason
Enumerates the modality disconnect reasons.
Public enumeration ModalityProperty
Enumerates the modality properties.
Public enumeration ModalityState
Enumerates the possible states of a conversation modality.
Public enumeration ModalityStateChangeProperty
Enumerates the modality state change properties.
Public enumeration ModalityTypes
Enumerates the modality types.
Public enumeration ParticipantAction
Enumerates the participant actions.
Public enumeration ParticipantProperty
Enumerates the participant properties.