Enumerates the modality properties.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Lync.Model.Conversation
Assembly:  Microsoft.Lync.Model(in Microsoft.Lync.Model.dll)




Member name Value Description
InstantMessageModalitySharedCapabilities 537591808
The shared instant messaging capabilities of the participants in the conversation.
InstantMessageModalityInviteMessage 720897
The first message that is sent with the IM invite.
InstantMessageModalityNoAutoAccept 269156354
Incoming instant messaging invitations should not be automatically accepted.
InstantMessageModalityInviteForked 269156355
The IM invitation was forked to more than one endpoint.
AVModalityAudioRenderVolume 537591812
The incoming audio volume level.
AVModalityAudioRenderMute 269156357
The incoming audio volume is muted.
AVModalityAudioRenderIntensity 537591814
The incoming audio intensity level.
AVModalityAudioRenderIntensityMin 537591815
The incoming audio intensity minimum level.
AVModalityAudioRenderIntensityMax 537591816
The incoming audio intensity maximum level.
AVModalityAudioCaptureVolume 537591817
The outgoing audio volume level.
AVModalityAudioCaptureMute 269156362
The outgoing audio volume is muted.
AVModalityAudioCaptureIntensity 537591819
The outgoing audio intensity level.
AVModalityAudioCaptureIntensityMin 537591820
The outgoing audio intensity minimum level.
AVModalityAudioCaptureIntensityMax 537591821
The outgoing audio intensity maximum level.
AVModalityAudioCanCallComputer 269156366
Can make a SIP call.
AVModalityAudioCanCallTelephone 269156367
Can make a telephony call.
AVModalityAudioRenderDevice 720912
The description of the playback device.
AVModalityAudioCaptureDevice 720913
The description of the recording device.
AVModalityAudioSpeakerMode 806027282
The audio device category (public or private).
AVModalityAudioHistoryInfo 1074462739
The audio history information object.
AVModalityAudioOriginalTargetUri 720916
The URI of the original target (obsolete, use participant property).
AVModalityAudioReferredByUri 720917
The URI of the audio device.
AVModalityAudioSupportsAdvancedTransfer 269156374
Is advanced transfer supported by the remote party?
AVModalityAudioQuality 806027287
The audio quality level.
AVModalityAudioOnHoldSource 720920
The source file name for audio-on-hold.
AVModalityAudioOnHoldRepeated 269156377
Returns true if the music-on-hold should be repeated.
AVModalityIsAutoAccepted 269156379
The audio/video invitation has been auto accepted.
AVModalityAudioSupportsSafeTransfer 269156380
Returns true if safe transfer supported by the remote party.
AVModalityAudioNetworkQuality 806027293
The audio network quality level.
AVModalityAudioBandwidthQuality 806027294
The audio bandwidth quality level.
AVModalityAudioDeviceQuality 806027295
The audio device quality level.
AVModalityVoicemailItemId 720928
The ID of the individual voice mail item being played by this conversation.
AVModalityVideoNetworkQuality 806027297
The video network quality level.
AVModalityVideoBandwidthQuality 806027298
The video bandwidth quality level.
AVModalityVideoDeviceQuality 806027299
The video device quality level.
AVModalityAudioIsEmergencyCall 806027300
Returns true if this call is an emergency call.
AVModalityUsbOffHookLedStatus 269156389
The USB device off-hook condition LED status.
AVModalityUsbDisplayName 720934
The name for the USB stream.
Invalid -1

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