Assigning a new visual template to a control permits fine-grained control over the layout and design, allowing controls to match pre-existing corporate or application styles. To retemplate a control, you simply define a Style targeting the control you wish to modify in XAML, set the Template property on the style to a new ControlTemplate which incorporates your design, and apply your new Style to the control.

Creating a new ControlTemplate is best performed by editing a copy of the existing template for the control you are customizing. The easiest way to get a copy of the existing template for a control is to use Microsoft Expression Blend 4.

In the topics listed below, we will cover the basic steps involved in editing a template with Expression Blend. We will also discuss the nuances of editing templates for those controls which are more complex.

Editing the Template of a Lync Control

Retemplating Controls which use ContentPresenters

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