The DeviceManager class is exposed by the LyncClient class. You use this class to discover the local computer audio and video devices configured using Lync 2010. The device manager allows you to set the active audio or video device for active conversations. You can also set the playback device that Lync 2010 uses to render audio in the modes enumerated by AudioPlayBackModes .

The device manager allows you to play back a stored audio file by calling into BeginPlayAudioFile . This allows you to program custom audio queues into your application that can replace the default tones played by Lync 2010.

DeviceManager Actions

You can perform the following actions using DeviceManager .

  1. Get and set the active audio device on all active conversations.

    Note Note

    Any conversation started afteryou set the active audio device for active conversations will use the default preferred audio or video device.

  2. Get and set the active video device.

  3. Configure an audio device to play back one of a set of AudioPlayBackModes when triggered by an incoming audio call.

  4. Play an audio file.

  5. Stop playing an audio file.

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