The Automationtype exposes the following members.


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Public method BeginStartConversation(String, Int32, AsyncCallback, Object)
Starts a conversation with the given modalities and participants. ConversationWindow representing the conversation window of the started conversation is obtained from asynchronous callback.
Public method BeginStartConversation(AutomationModalities, IEnumerable < (Of < <' ( String > ) > > ) , IEnumerable < (Of < <' ( KeyValuePair < (Of < <' ( AutomationModalitySettings, Object > ) > > ) > ) > > ) , AsyncCallback, Object)
Launches a Lync conversation window and invites specified participants using the specified modalities and optional conversation context data. The new conversation window is obtained in the System.AsyncCallback method you pass in the callback argument.
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Public method EndStartConversation
Ends the start conversation operation, unblocks program execution on the calling thread, and returns a new conversation window.
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Public method GetConversationWindow
Finds a ConversationWindow for a given conversation. If not found, a new instance of ConversationWindow will be created.
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Public method LaunchAddContactWizard
Launches add contact user dialog.
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