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Managing Offline Address Lists

An offline address list is a set of address lists contained in files generated and stored on an offline address list server. Users working off-site can connect to Exchange 2000 and download offline address lists remotely to retrieve information about other users in the organization.

When you generate an offline address list, address lists specified for the offline address list are converted to a single data file and stored in a system public folder. When users download the offline address list, this data file is used as the source of information.

What's New

Exchange 2000 uses Active Directory to provide offline address list services previously provided by the Exchange Directory. These services are similar to those provided for the offline address book in previous versions of Exchange.

Best Practices

Select an Appropriate Server to Generate and Update Offline Address Lists

The more address lists contained in an offline address list, the harder the server selected for the offline address list must work. For increased server performance, select a server that is not busy performing other tasks.

Select an Appropriate Time to Update Offline Address Lists

There are two ways to update offline address lists:

Create Multiple Offline Address Lists

Multiple offline address lists enable you to specify user access to the offline address lists. You can create one offline address list per mailbox store. Configure each offline address list to contain the address lists that best meet the needs of your remote users. For example:

The offline address list for marketing department members is configured to contain only the the Marketing and Sales address lists that members must have to complete the most important parts of their jobs.

Mixed Environment Organizations

The offline address lists that your users have access to depend on the version of Exchange running on the server to which the users are connected. Users connected to an Exchange 2000 server must use offline address lists generated by Exchange 2000. Users connected to a server running earlier versions of Exchange must use the offline address book generated by that version of Exchange.

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