Hosting Chat Communities


The Names command lists all nicknames that are visible to users on any channel they can see. Users can see those channels that they are actually on and those that aren't private (p) or secret (s). In IRCX mode, the Names command returns additional information, in the following order:

:ServiceName MessageID NickName ChannelType ChannelName :NickList

The return contains the following parts:

ServiceName The name of the Chat Service.
MessageID The message number. Messages returned by the chat server are defined in RFC1459.
NickName   The nickname of the user receiving the command.
ChannelType IRCX channels may have one of four mutually exclusive states of visibility: public, private, hidden, and secret. An equal sign (=) denotes a public channel. An asterisk (*) denotes a private channel. An "at" symbol (@) denotes a secret or hidden channel.
ChannelName The name of the channel.
NickList A list of nicknames, separated by spaces. A nickname immediately preceded by a period (.) means the user is the channel owner. A nickname preceded by an "at" symbol (@) means the user is a host. Other nicknames are members.


Names [ChannelList]

The section on conventions used in syntax gives help in reading command syntax.


ChannelList   A channel or list of channels.


names #twilightzone,#42
     Lists visible users on #TwilightZone and #42.
     Lists all visible channels and users.