Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Schema Definition Files

Both Active Directory and the partner directory have an associated schema definition file that determines the subset of the directory attributes that are synchronized. Each line in a schema definition file that is either not blank or a comment defines a single directory attribute.

The following example shows the default GroupWise schema definition file (Gwamap.tbl).

DOMAIN		 32 Domain
DOMAIN		 32 Domain
POSTOFFICE	 32 Post-Office
OBJECT		 64 Object
LASTNAME		 40 Last-Name
FIRSTNAME		32 First-Name
DESCRIP		64 Description
ACCOUNTID		32 Account-Id
TITLE			32 Title
DEPARTMENT	 32 Department
PHONE			33 Phone
FAX			33 Fax
GWADDR		130 GW-Address
EXCHANGEID	128 User-Def-5

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