Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Upgrading Exchange 5.5 Connectors

Upgrading from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 involves several basic steps:

Reconfiguring the Connectors

When you upgrade from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000, you must reconfigure the Exchange 2000 connectors. Although the connection settings are saved, you need to reconfigure the following:

Transfer of Ownership of Directory Entries

A connector can be said to own the directory entries that it imports from another messaging system. When you populate Active Directory, the new contact objects are still owned by the Exchange 5.5 connector. The msExchImportedFrom attribute on these entries is populated by the globally unique identifier (GUID) of the original Exchange 5.5 connector.

The Exchange 2000 connector takes over ownership of these former custom recipients as follows:

After the upgrade to Exchange 2000, on each inbound directory synchronization cycle, the Exchange 2000 connector checks the value of the msExchImportedFrom attribute. If the value is a close match to an Exchange 5.5 connector GUID, the new connector stamps the attribute with its own GUID, thus replacing the original GUID.

Effects of Ownership on Import and Export

You should always let a connector populate Active Directory with foreign users rather than create them manually. Changes made in a foreign directory are not imported to Active Directory unless the connector has imported, and therefore owns, the associated entries. (This is true even if the entry is in the designated import container.)

On export, the situation is reversed. When a connector exports directory entries from Active Directory, the connector propagates changes to any entries within its export containers that it does not own. Specifically, these entries do not contain the connector's GUID in their msExchImportedFrom attribute. This includes manually created entries that represent foreign users, and users native to Exchange.

Important   Exchange connectors cannot create native entries in partner directories. In other words, you cannot master a partner directory from Active Directory.

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