Supporting Messaging Clients

Components and System Manager Display Setting

All of your Exchange components are displayed in System Manager. An SMTP virtual server is represented in System Manager by a node under SMTP, which is nested within the Protocols node. There is a Protocols node beneath every Exchange server in your organization. Each Exchange server is displayed as a node beneath Servers.

In System Manager, when you select an SMTP virtual server, information about the SMTP virtual server appears in the details pane. The following table provides descriptions of an SMTP virtual server display components:

Component Description
Default SMTP Virtual Server This component is the main administrative component of SMTP in Exchange. It provides access to the tabs for configuring a virtual server. When you double-click it in System Manager, message queues and current sessions appear.
Current Sessions This component provides status information about the users of the SMTP virtual server as well as other servers it may be connected to. It provides access to a display that lists the user (or server), source location, and connection time for each connected session.
Queues The Queue Viewer utility lets you administer queues and messages within queues. Queue Viewer is also valuable in troubleshooting bottlenecks or other message flow problems within an organization.