Applies to: Exchange Server 2013

Topic Last Modified: 2012-10-12

Details templates control the appearance of the object properties that are accessed by using address lists in an email client, such as Microsoft Outlook. For example, when a user opens an address list in Outlook, the properties of the recipients in that address list are presented as defined by the details template that exists in your Exchange organization. The following figure illustrates the properties of the recipient Kim Akers as it appears in Outlook 2013. Using the Details Templates Editor in Exchange 2013 Toolbox, you can modify the organization of and content within the various objects that appear on this property page.

Default details template in Outlook 2007

You can use the default details template or you can customize the template to better suit the needs of your users. The objects can be customized by changing field sizes, adding or removing fields, adding or removing tabs, and rearranging fields. The layout of these templates may vary by language. Use the Details Templates Editor to customize the following Outlook objects:

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