Topic Last Modified: 2009-02-11

This topic provides information about how to troubleshoot an issue in which a message that is sent outside a company's domain is formatted incorrectly and is unreadable. This issue occurs after a disclaimer is appended to the message by the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Hub Transport server role. 

This issue may occur if the message is encoded as a UTF-8 message by a mobile device, such as the BlackBerry from Research In Motion Ltd., and if the Hub Transport server role appends a disclaimer that is coded as a different message type. For example, the Hub Transport server role may append a Turkish disclaimer message that is encoded in ISO-8859-9. In this case, the Hub Transport server role decodes the message that was sent from the mobile device, appends the disclaimer, and then encodes the message by using the message type that is used to encode the disclaimer. Therefore, the original message is formatted incorrectly and cannot be read.

Typically, this does not affect clients who use Microsoft Office Outlook to receive the message because Outlook is preformatted to the language version of the Exchange server.

To resolve this issue for other programs or devices, change the encoding of the message so that it is the same as the encoding of the disclaimer. For example, if the disclaimer is written in Turkish and encoded in ISO 8859-9, the message must also be encoded as Windows Code Page 1254 or ISO 8859-9. Messages must be encoded to match disclaimers that are written and encoded for other languages.