Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 SP3, Exchange Server 2007 SP2, Exchange Server 2007 SP1, Exchange Server 2007
Topic Last Modified: 2007-07-02

Through the introduction of new server roles, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 setup and deployment has been re-engineered to improve the administrative experience. Exchange 2007 provides five distinct server roles that align with the way messaging systems are typically deployed and distributed. A server role is a unit that logically groups the features and components that are required to perform a specific function in the messaging environment. Each server role includes features that support its function together with related configuration and security settings and a list of predefined tasks for managing and configuring those features.

For more information about how to deploy the individual server roles, see Deploying Server Roles.

This topic provides you with links to the Exchange 2007 Help documentation to help you plan, deploy, administer, and troubleshoot each of the new server roles found in Exchange 2007.

Exchange Server 2007 Server Role Documentation Roadmap

For More Information

For more information about how to deploy the server roles in an upgrade scenario, see Upgrading to Exchange 2007.

For more information about how to upgrade to Exchange 2007 from other versions of Microsoft Exchange and other messaging systems, see Upgrading to Exchange 2007.