Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 SP3
Topic Last Modified: 2010-01-20

This topic describes the supported and unsupported customizations that you can make to Outlook Web Access in Micosoft Exchange Server 2007.

Supported Customization

The following customizations are supported when you use Outlook Web Access together with Exchange 2007. Outlook Web Access runs on all the computers in an organization that are running Exchange 2007 and that have the Client Access server role installed. Therefore, you must deploy any customizations to all the Client Access servers to which users connect.

Exchange 2007 provides some important Outlook Web Access customization features, including the ability to do the following:

  • Add custom forms

  • Integrate other applications through navigation pane links

  • Add items to the New drop-down menu

For more information about how to use custom forms or other applications together with Outlook Web Access, see the following topics:

Specific files are used to customize Outlook Web Access in Exchange 2007. For more information about those files and the features that those files affect, see the topic Outlook Web Access Customization Architecture.

Client features are available when you use a Client Access server to open a mailbox on a Mailbox server. Users can customize the following client features:

  • The navigation pane

  • Separate Out of Office messages for internal and external e-mail senders

For more information about customizing the Client features, see the topic Client Features in Outlook Web Access.

Unsupported Customization

JavaScript Files

We do not support changes to the Outlook Web Access JavaScript files. If you do change the JavaScript files, be aware of the following issues:

  • Your changes to the JavaScript files will be overwritten when Outlook Web Access updates are installed on your computer. Make sure that you save a backup copy of your changed JavaScript files for future reference. After you install an update, do not replace the new update file with the JavaScript file that contains your changes. This may cause unexpected behavior. Instead, make the same custom changes to the new update file after you install an update.

  • Outlook Web Access updates may not install correctly over customized JavaScript files. We recommend that you revert the changed files to the original version before you install any update to the servers that are running Exchange.

  • All issues that occur when you use customized JavaScript files must be resolved by the developer who customized the files. For support from Microsoft, you must first restore the default Microsoft original JavaScript files and then reproduce the issue.

Unavailable Features

Some features that are included in Outlook 2007 are not provided in Outlook Web Access. For example, the following features are not supported in Outlook Web Access:

  • Displaying multiple calendars

  • Proposing new time for meetings

  • The To Do Bar

  • Attaching items to items

  • Pasting inline images

  • The hierarchical address book

Some features require files be stored locally on the client computer so that they can be used. These features include the following:

  • Cached Exchange Mode

  • Offline access

  • Offline address book (OAB)

  • Custom dictionaries

  • Customizable views

  • .pst files

  • Import/export data

  • The ability to send messages to Microsoft Office OneNote

For more information about features that are not supported in Outlook Web Access, see the topic Comparing Outlook Web Access Premium and Outlook 2007.