Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 SP3, Exchange Server 2007 SP2, Exchange Server 2007 SP1, Exchange Server 2007
Topic Last Modified: 2007-01-15

Welcome to the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Help. This topic discusses the Exchange Server 2007 Help system and technical support options that are available to you when you are planning, deploying, administering, and troubleshooting Exchange 2007.

What is Exchange Documentation?

The Exchange 2007 online Help documentation is your primary source for in-depth technical information about Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. This Exchange 2007 Help documentation was written to give you information that you need to successfully plan, deploy, administer, and troubleshoot Exchange 2007.

This documentation contains important conceptual information that enables you to correctly plan and successfully deploy Exchange 2007 in your organization. It also contains information that you need to perform day-to-day Microsoft Exchange 2007 administrative tasks by using Exchange 2007 management tools, such as the Exchange Management Console and the Exchange Management Shell. Help topics for the Exchange Management Shell can be found in the Technical Reference section of the section of the documentation set.

Getting the Latest Updates for This Documentation

You can update this documentation library after Exchange 2007 is released. New documents and other updates are added to the Exchange 2007 Help document library periodically. By updating this documentation library, you can make sure that you have the latest Exchange 2007 technical information.

To download and install Exchange 2007 Help updates for this documentation library and to obtain additional, up-to-date content, see the Microsoft Exchange Server TechCenter.

Where to Find Microsoft Exchange 2007 Documentation

You can find Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 product documentation through many sources that include being able to access it from the Start Menu, through F1 Help, the Microsoft Exchange Server TechCenter, MSDN, and TechNet. This section discusses where to find Exchange 2007 documentation.

Start Menu

After you have successfully installed Exchange Server 2007, you can access the product documentation for Exchange Server 2007 from the Exchange Server Help link from the Start Menu. The ExchHelp.chm file is located in the Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\bin directory.


F1 Help is a Help system or application that is included with Exchange 2007 that gives you access to the Exchange 2007 documentation. F1 Help, also known as context-sensitive Help, lets you search for specific Exchange 2007 Help topics, "how to", and conceptual documentation. You can access F1 Help by opening the Exchange Management Console and then pressing the F1 key or by right-clicking a node in the console tree and selecting the Help option. F1 Help topics can also be found in the Technical Reference section of the documentation set.

Exchange Server TechCenter

Your primary source for in-depth technical information about Exchange Server is the Microsoft Exchange Server TechCenter. The Microsoft Exchange Server TechCenter is a catalog of technical Exchange content that has been reviewed and approved by the Exchange product team at Microsoft. Up-to-date and new versions of the documents are added as the old versions expire. This guarantees that you always have the latest Exchange technical information. These documents are designed to evolve over time as Exchange 2007 gains exposure and new tricks, issues, and troubleshooting information become available.


The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) is a complete resource for developers. You can find downloads, guidelines for hardware and driver compatibility testing, and guides to help you build device drivers for Microsoft Windows operating systems.


TechNet is a service that contains resources for information technology (IT) professionals. This includes access to white papers and technical articles written by support professionals at Microsoft, career and industry information, discussion groups, technical feedback, and software.

Additional Resources

You can also visit the Exchange Community Resource Web site or the Exchange Team blog Web site for other additional Exchange information. These Web sites also include additional troubleshooting, common issues, and product information.

Obtaining Technical Support

Do you need help with Microsoft Exchange 2007? Consider the support options included in this section.

Exchange Server Self Support

Visit the Microsoft Exchange Server TechCenter to obtain Exchange Server product information that contains the most updated technical information. This product information includes troubleshooting steps, solutions to common issues, the ability to search the Microsoft Knowledge Base, how-to topics, and latest downloads.

The Microsoft Help and Support Web site contains an extensive collection of articles, troubleshooting wizards, files you can download, and other useful product information. The articles can help you understand more about the features that are included in Exchange 2007.

Additionally, the Microsoft Product Support Services Web site includes other information that you might find useful, such as frequently asked questions (FAQs), troubleshooting information, and Microsoft Product Support Newsgroups.

For more information, see Microsoft Help and Support.

Exchange Server Assisted Support

Multiple support options are available. You can get help over the telephone, or by using online chat or e-mail.

Microsoft Services

The Microsoft Help and Support Web site offers the following support for customers:

  • Support Services   Provide a variety of support options to help businesses, IT professionals, developers, and home users.

  • Consulting Services   Provide customized technical expertise to enterprise customers.

  • Customer Service   Provides assistance on non-technical issues such as product purchases, subscriptions, and more.

Additional Support Resources

If you do not find what you need, you can obtain information from the technical resources in the following list:

  • Microsoft Download Center   The Microsoft Download Center offers an array of technical files for all Microsoft products available for download over the Internet. These downloads include device drivers, service packs, and updates, in addition to full products.

  • Microsoft Press   Microsoft Press offers the training and support materials you need to help you get more from Microsoft Exchange Server.

Whether you are a beginning user, an advanced user, a support professional, or a software developer, Microsoft Press has what you are looking for—from quick-and-easy handbooks and self-paced training guides to desktop references, technical resources, and programming titles.

To locate the nearest source for Microsoft Press products worldwide, visit the Microsoft Press Web site or contact your local Microsoft office. In the United States, call (800) MS-PRESS. In Canada, call (800) 667-1115.

For More Information

For more information about Exchange 2007 documentation, see How to Use Exchange Documentation.