Applies to: Exchange Server 2007
Topic Last Modified: 2007-08-09

Use the Dialing Rule Entry dialog box on the UM dial plan properties to define the telephone numbers and number masks for in-country/region and international calls that will be made by UM-enabled users. Each dialing rule determines the types of calls that users within a dial group can make. However, you will have to correctly configure the dial group entry with a number mask and a dial number. After you use the Dialing Rules tab to configure a dialing rule, you must configure the UM mailbox policy to use the appropriate dialing group.


Use this list to select a name of an existing dialing rule or, if you want to create a dialing rule, type the name of the dialing rule. This is the display name for the dialing rule that will be displayed in the Exchange Management Console. This field can contain only text characters. The display name for the dial rule can contain up to 32 characters.

Number Mask

Use this text box to define the number mask for the dialing rule. A number mask is used to define the telephone number format that a Unified Messaging server will use to determine what outgoing telephone number it will dial for a user. When an outgoing call is made to a number that is matched by the number mask on the dialing rule, the UM server will substitute the digits that are matched into the dialed number. It will then use the digit string from this match to make the outgoing call. An example of a valid number mask is 91425xxxxxxx. This field can contain only numbers and the letter 'x'.

Dialed Number

Use this text box to define the dialed number for the dialing rule. The dialed number is used to determine the actual dial string that sent to the IP gateway. This number can be different from the number that is obtained by Unified Messaging for the outgoing call. However, your PBX can also be configured to omit the area code for local calls and can be configured for private voice numbering plans. Any wildcard (x) characters in the dial string are substituted with the digits from the original number that were matched by the number mask on the dialing rule. An example valid dialed number is 9xxxxxxx. This field can contain only numbers and the character "x".


Use this text box to input a comment or description for the dialing rule that you are adding or modifying. By default, this text box is blank.

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