Applies to: Exchange Server 2007
Topic Last Modified: 2007-06-15

Use the External DNS Lookups tab on the Hub Transport Server properties to specify whether to use the Domain Name System (DNS) servers that are associated with a network adapter or manually configure DNS servers. External DNS servers are used by Send connectors that are configured to use the external DNS lookup configuration on the transport server. When messages are routed to these Send connectors, the external DNS lookup settings that are configured for the source server are used to resolve IP addresses for the delivery destination.

Use network card DNS settings

To select an installed network adapter from the list, select Use network card DNS settings, and then select a network adapter. The server will query the network adapter when it looks for a DNS server. The default setting is All Available. If this setting is selected, the server will use the DNS servers for all the adapters on that server. You must be logged on locally to the server that you are configuring to select a specific network adapter.

Use these DNS servers

To have the server select from a list of manually-entered DNS servers to query when resolving a remote domain, select Use these DNS servers. To add a server to the list, type the IP address of the external DNS server, and then click Add.

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