Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 SP3
Topic Last Modified: 2009-05-27

Use the WebDAV general tab to view and manage legacy virtual directories. The four default legacy virtual directories are /Public, /Exchweb, /Exchange, and /Exadmin. The WebDAV general tab is available only on computers that are running Exchange 2007 SP1 that have the Mailbox server role installed. You cannot view or manage Exchange 2007 virtual directories from the WebDAV tab. The default Exchange 2007 virtual directory is /owa.

If you are not running the Mailbox server role on an Exchange 2007 computer, the Exchange Management Console will not include the WebDAV tab. However, you can view and manage the legacy virtual directories from the Outlook Web Access tab on a computer that has the Client Access server role installed.

Open the properties of the individual virtual directories to view or edit them. You can open the properties of a virtual directory by double-clicking it.


The Name column displays the virtual directories by name.

Web Site

The Web Site column displays the Web sites by name.


The Version column displays the version of Exchange that the virtual directory Web site supports.


The Type column displays the type of content that the virtual directory supports.

For More Information

For more information about the virtual directories that you can view and manage on computers that are running Exchange 2007, see Managing Outlook Web Access Virtual Directories in Exchange 2007.

For information about the settings that are available from the Outlook Web Access tab, see Server Configuration > Client Access > Outlook Web Access.