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Topic Last Modified: 2009-07-17

Microsoft has released Update Rollup 6 for Exchange Server 2007. This article describes the following information about the update:  

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Issues That the Update Rollup Fixes

Update Rollup 6 for Exchange Server 2007 fixes the issues that are described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:


The account test process is failed when you try to configure an Outlook 2007 client to connect to an Exchange Server 2007 mailbox by using a POP3 connection or an IMAP4 connection


The Test-OwaConnectivity cmdlet and the Test-ActiveSyncConnectivity cmdlet do not run successfully on a computer that is running Exchange Server 2007 


Some e-mail messages become stuck in the submission queue in Exchange Server 2007 


An e-mail message is in disorder and is unreadable in a Exchange Server 2007 environment 


IMAP4 clients may experience latencies or slowness when the clients are running against Exchange Server 2007-based servers 


You receive an NDR message when you send an e-mail message by using a Exchange Server 2007 Edge server 


Error message when you try to schedule a yearly recurring appointment on the 31st day of certain months: "The recurrence date is invalid" 


Only the entries in the MailSubmission log are returned when you run the Get-MessageTrackingLog cmdlet against an Exchange 2007 server that hosts both the Hub Transport role and the Mailbox role 


The store event sink does not run as expected in an Exchange Server 2007 environment 


Legacy free/busy information no longer appears for appointments that are booked against a mailbox in Exchange Server 2007 


Error message when a user tries to access a mailbox and download e-mail messages by using a DAV e-mail client program: "HTTP 500 - Internal server error" 


The Store.exe process stops responding, and event ID 9659 is logged on an Exchange 2007 server 


On an Exchange Server 2007-based computer, the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service stops unexpectedly when you start the service or when you mount a database store 


An HTML e-mail message appears garbled in Outlook when you send the message to an Exchange 2007 user 


Web beacons and HTML forms in e-mail message attachments are blocked regardless of the FilterWebBeaconsAndHtmlForms parameter setting for the Outlook Web Access virtual directory in Exchange 2007 


The IMAP service returns an untagged EXISTS response before the EXPUNGE command in Exchange 2007


You cannot type the Polish character "?" in the Subject box, in the To box, or in the Cc box when you compose an e-mail message in Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2007 


Event IDs 8206, 8213, and 8199 are logged in an Exchange 2007 environment 


The display name of an e-mail address is not encoded correctly according to RFC 2047 when you use extended characters in Exchange 2007 


Some source mailboxes are merged into one target mailbox after you use a Move-Mailbox cmdlet to migrate the mailboxes from an Exchange 2003 organization to an Exchange 2007 organization 


The Edgetransport.exe process may stop unexpectedly on an Exchange Server 2007-based edge server 


The GetItem operation in Exchange Web Service obtains duplicate strings in Exchange 2007 


The Subject line of a delegate e-mail message is corrupted in Outlook 2007 


The Store.exe process uses almost 100 percent of CPU resources, and the size of the public folder store increases quickly in Exchange 2007

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Service Pack Information

These issues are fixed in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2). Microsoft released Exchange Server 2007 SP2 in July 2009.

To obtain Exchange 2007 SP2 from the Microsoft Download Center, see Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2.

For more information about the issues that are fixed in Exchange 2007 SP2, see Issues That Are Fixed in Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2.

Update Rollup Information

Update Rollup 6 for Exchange Server 2007 has been replaced by a later update rollup. You must install the latest update rollup.

To obtain the latest update rollup from the Microsoft Download Center, see Update Rollup 7 for Exchange Server 2007.

To download and install Update Rollup 6 for Exchange Server 2007, see Update Rollup 6 for Exchange Server 2007.

Before you install an update rollup or a service pack, see How to Install the Latest Service Pack or Update Rollup for Exchange 2007 for prerequisites, installation instructions, and known issues. Before you apply an update rollup to clustered Mailbox servers, see Applying Exchange 2007 Update Rollups to Clustered Mailbox Servers.

For more information about the Exchange 2007 servicing model, see Exchange 2007 Servicing.

This update rollup does not apply to Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2). The series of update rollup packages for Exchange Server 2007 is independent of the corresponding series of update rollups for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 or SP2. For a list of update rollups that apply to Exchange Server 2007 RTM, see the "Update Rollups for Exchange Server 2007 RTM" section in How to Obtain the Latest Service Pack or Update Rollup for Exchange 2007.

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