Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 SP3, Exchange Server 2007 SP2, Exchange Server 2007 SP1, Exchange Server 2007
Topic Last Modified: 2006-11-29

The Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Availability service improves information workers' free and busy data by providing secure, consistent, and up-to-date free and busy information to computers running Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Outlook 2007 uses the Autodiscover service to obtain the URL of the Availability service. The Autodiscover service is similar to the Domain Name System (DNS) Web service for Outlook 2007. Essentially, the Autodiscover service helps Outlook 2007 locate various Web services, such as the Unified Messaging, Offline Address Book, and Availability services. For more information about the Autodiscover service, see Managing the Autodiscover Service.

If you have Outlook 2007 clients running on Exchange Server 2003 mailboxes, Outlook 2007 will use public folders for the free and busy information.

The Availability service is part of the Exchange 2007 programming interface. It will be available as a public Web service to allow developers to write third-party tools for integration purposes.

The following topics in this section explain how to manage the Availability service in your Exchange 2007 organization.

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