Topic Last Modified: 2007-09-25

The Scheduling Assistant in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 helps users schedule meetings in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and Office Outlook Web Access. The Scheduling Assistant provides visual guidance about the best and worst dates and times to schedule a meeting based on who is invited to the meeting and what resources are required. However, the Scheduling Assistant is limited to 100 attendees and will not display suggested times if the number of attendees for a meeting exceeds 100.


This issue occurs if the following conditions are true:

  • The mailbox is located on a computer that is running Exchange 2007.

  • The user is using Outlook 2007 or Outlook Web Access.

In Outlook 2007, when a meeting includes more than 100 attendees, the Suggested Times area contains the following message: Suggestions are not provided because there are too many attendees.

In Outlook Web Access, when a meeting includes more than 100 attendees, the following message will appear at the top of the Scheduling Assistant: Free/busy information and suggestions cannot be provided for more than 100 attendees.

This is not a configurable setting. The only way to avoid this warning is to invite fewer than 100 attendees.

For More Information

For more information about the Scheduling Assistant, see Client Features in Exchange 2007.