Topic Last Modified: 2006-12-07

The Microsoft® Exchange Server Analyzer Tool queries the Active Directory® directory service proxyAddress attribute value for all user objects to determine whether there is a match for the user-specified local sender Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) address.

If a user object proxyAddress match is found, the Exchange Server Analyzer then queries the Active Directory msExchHomeServerName attribute value of the user object to determine whether that value matches the user-specified Exchange Server name.

The Exchange Server Analyzer then queries the SenderAddress property for the Exchange_MessageTrackingEntry Microsoft Windows® Management Instrumentation (WMI) class under the root\MicrosoftExchangeV2 namespace to identify any messages tracked by the message tracking logs from the user-specified sender.

Finally, the Exchange Server Analyzer queries the RecipientAddress property for the Exchange_MessageTrackingEntry WMI class to identify any messages tracked by the message tracking logs to the user-specified recipient.

If the Exchange Server Analyzer cannot find a message-tracking log entry with a RecipientAddress property value that matches the SMTP address of the user-specified recipient, the Exchange Server Analyzer displays an error.

This error indicates that one or more of the following conditions are true:

To resolve this issue:

For more information about how to increase the Message Tracking Center log-retention period, see "How to Enable Message Tracking Center on a Server" (

For more information about how to use message tracking, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 262162, "XADM: Using the Message Tracking Center to Track a Message" (