Topic Last Modified: 2007-02-27

The Microsoft Exchange Database Troubleshooter Tool detected one or more MSExchangeIS 9519 events with error code 0xfffffe07 in the Application log. This error indicates that the database specified could not be mounted because of a running backup process.


This error can occur if the storage group that this database belongs to has multiple databases (either mailbox databases or public folder databases), and if one of those databases is being backed up at the time that you tried to mount this database. This behavior is by design. You cannot mount a database in a storage group while you are backing up another database in that same storage group.

The error could also be identified as error -505, JET_errBackupInProgress.

User Action

Make sure that no other databases in the storage group are being backed up, and then try to mount the database. Alternatively, wait for the backup of the other database in the storage group to finish before you try to mount this database.