Topic Last Modified: 2007-02-16

The Microsoft Exchange Performance Troubleshooter runs in either a client-based or a server-based mode.


For the Exchange Performance Troubleshooter to run correctly, the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 must be installed on the computer where the tool will run.

Supported Environments

The Exchange Performance Troubleshooter can be run in the following environments:

  • Exchange Server 2003  (all service packs) on Microsoft Windows Server 2003

  • Exchange Server 2003  (all service packs) on Windows 2000 Service Pack (SP) 3 and later versions

  • Exchange 2000 Server SP3 and later versions on Windows 2000 SP3 and later versions

For More Information

For more information about how to install the Exchange Performance Troubleshooter, see Installing the Microsoft Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant.