Topic Last Modified: 2006-11-22

The Microsoft® Exchange Server Analyzer Tool uses the Exchange Server User Monitor (ExMon) tool to collect data, in a five minute sample, toward determining whether user MAPI operations are taking longer than should reasonably be expected on a healthy Exchange server.

If the Exchange Server Analyzer determines that, over the timeframe data was collected, a user has had one or more MAPI operations take longer than 30 seconds, the Exchange Server Analyzer displays an error and performs additional analysis on the actions of the users who triggered the error.

MAPI operations taking longer than 30 seconds may not always be a problem. Saving large amounts of message data or file attachments could cause the MAPI operations to take longer than normal.

If the user or users are experiencing frequent delays, or delays that adversely affect their messaging experience, these MAPI operation delays should be investigated further to make sure they are not symptomatic of more serious latency issues such as resource bottlenecks or nested dependencies.

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