Topic Last Modified: 2007-06-20

The Microsoft Exchange Server Analyzer Tool queries the CIM_Datafile Microsoft® Windows® Management Instrumentation (WMI) class to determine the value of the Version key for MimeNavigator.dll. This module is included with Microsoft Antigen versions 8 and 9.

If the Exchange Analyzer finds the value of the Version key for MimeNavigator.dll to be less than 8.00.1517.0 for version 8 and less than 9.00.1055.0 for version 9, the Exchange Analyzer displays a warning.

This warning indicates that Microsoft Antigen version 8 or 9 is installed on the Exchange server and that a software update is available. This update is highly recommended and can improve the overall performance and reliability of the server.

To address this issue, review and apply the recommendations found in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 928082, Size of SMTP messages may increase during the scanning process in Antigen.