Topic Last Modified: 2007-03-21

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 setup cannot continue because the uninstall Edge or Hub Transport server role process failed because the server role has an Edge Subscription.

You subscribe an Edge Transport server to an Active Directory site to associate the Edge Transport server with the Exchange organization. A subscribed Edge Transport server is stamped with an Active Directory site attribute. Among other things, this association enables you to configure the Edge Subscription as a source server for Send connectors that are created in the Exchange organization. The Hub Transport servers in the Exchange organization use an implicit intra-organizational Send connector to route e-mail messages to the Internet through the subscribed Edge Transport server. The Active Directory site association enables the Hub Transport servers to locate the Edge Transport server for routing purposes.

Exchange 2007 setup requires that all Edge subscriptions for the target Edge Transport server role, or the last Hub Transport server role in a site, be removed before the uninstall of the Edge or Hub Transport server role can proceed.

To address this error, use the Get-EdgeSubscription cmdlet to retrieve information about the Edge Subscriptions and the Remove-EdgeSubscription cmdlet to remove the Edge Subscription from the target server, and then rerun Exchange 2007 setup.

To identify and remove the Edge Subscription
  1. Follow the guidance in the Get-EdgeSubscription ( cmdlet topic to identify Edge Subscriptions for the target server.

  2. Follow the guidance in the Remove-EdgeSubscription ( cmdlet topic to remove the Edge Subscription from the target server.