Topic Last Modified: 2005-11-18

The Microsoft® Exchange Server Analyzer Tool queries the Active Directory® directory service to determine the value of the networkAddress attribute of each Exchange Server object in the directory. There are typically several entries listed for this multi-string attribute, as illustrated by the following examples:

ncacn_ip_tcp :<fully-qualified domain name of Exchange Server>

ncacn_np: <host name of Exchange Server>

ncacn_spx: <host name of Exchange Server>

ncacn_vns_spp: <host name of Exchange Server>

ncalrpc: <host name of Exchange Server>

netbios: <host name of Exchange Server>

The Exchange Server Analyzer also queries Active Directory to determine the value of the name attribute for each Exchange Server object.

If the Exchange Server Analyzer finds that the value for the name attribute does not match the name portion of any of the strings found in the networkAddress attribute, an error is displayed.

This error can occur if an administrator has manually changed the cn value of the server object. The networkAddress attribute is created and maintained by Exchange Server and it contains multiple string values to support the different network communication protocols supported by Exchange Server. Each value associates a protocol with the appropriate form of the server name as required by the particular protocol.

To correct this error, check to see whether the server name has been changed or whether the value is invalid, and then take the appropriate action:

If you incorrectly modify the attributes of Active Directory objects when you use Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) Edit, the LDP (ldp.exe) tool, or another Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) version 3 client, you may cause serious problems. These problems may require that you reinstall Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003, Exchange Server 2003, or both. Modify Active Directory object attributes at your own risk.

To correct this error

  1. Using ADSI Edit or a similar tool, locate the administrative group object in Active Directory.

    The networkAddress attribute can be found at:

    CN=Configuration, CN=Services, CN=Microsoft Exchange, CN= OrganizationName , CN=Administrative Groups, CN= Administrative Group Name , CN=Servers, CN= Server Name

  2. Note the format of each of the values in the list. Update the values as needed, changing only the server name portion of each value.

     Make sure that for the ncacn_ip_tcp value, the server name has the form of a fully qualified domain name, not a NetBIOS name or an Internet Protocol address.
  3. Close the Active Directory editor, and then restart the Exchange Routing Engine service.

For more information about using the LDP tool, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 260745, "XADM: Using the LDP Utility to Modify Active Directory Object Attributes" (

For more information about Exchange routing issues, see "Troubleshooting Routing" in the Exchange Server 2003 Transport and Routing Guide (