Describes an arbitrary block of Data which a group chat application may define for storing user preferences and settings, or any other purpose.

The GroupChatPreferenceBundletype exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method GroupChatPreferenceBundle Initializes a new instance of the GroupChatPreferenceBundle class.


  Name Description
Public property Data Gets or sets the block of data which this preference represents. A preference bundle can be used to store arbitrary information which is needed by a group chat application.
Public property Label Gets or sets the label for this preference bundle. The label is a short name or description for the block of data stored in this preference.
Public property SequenceId Gets or sets the sequence ID. The sequence ID is a monotonically increasing value which governs the revision level of a preference. Every time the preference bundle is accessed, whether for read or write, the sequence ID is incremented.


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