What's New with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007

New Features in the Office Communicator 2007 Release

Contact Management

Office Communicator 2007 offers new features that make it easier for you to manage your contacts and Contact List.

Manage your contacts and Contact List

New contact management features include:

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Enhanced Presence and Presence Management

Office Communicator 2007 offers new presence states to more accurately reflect a person’s willingness and ability to communicate. In addition, Communicator now gives you more granular presence management, enabling you to control access to your presence information by assigning contacts to access levels. New presence features include:

Control access to your presence information

Office Communicator 2007 offers greater granularity for controlling access to your Presence information.

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Conversation History

Office Communicator 2007 now keeps a record of IM conversations and phone, video and conference calls in the Office Outlook Conversation History folder. Conversation History features include:

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With Office Communicator 2007 conferencing features, you can start an unscheduled conference call with a few mouse clicks.

Make conference calls with a few mouse clicks

New conferencing features in Office Communicator 2007 include:

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Enterprise Voice

Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 offers enterprise voice, the IP telephony component of the Unified Communications solution.

If your organization is configured for enterprise voice capabilities, the following features are available to you:

Office Communicator 2007 offers call forwarding settings that can be easily configured. If Communicator is configured for enterprise voice you can set up call forwarding settings to:

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Automatic Audio and Video Setup

Automatic Audio and Video Setup   For Office Communicator 2007, the Audio and Video Setup experience has been significantly improved, as described below.

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Enhanced invitation alerts

New features available in invitation alerts in Office Communicator 2007 include:

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Support for USB Audio Devices

Office Communicator 2007 offers the following improvements for audio and video devices:

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