Topic Last Modified: 2010-12-13

In Lync Server 2010 Control Panel, you can use the Archiving Policy page of the Archiving and Monitoring group to manage policies at a global, site, or user level, including configuring the default global policy and creating one or more additional user and site policies for your deployment. The global policy is created automatically when you deploy Archiving Server and can be configured, but not deleted. You can create and configure multiple site and user policies that, together with the global policy, control which communications are archived. In each policy, you can enable or disable archiving of internal communications, external communications, or both. By default, archiving is not enabled for internal or external communications. Site archiving policies override the global archiving policy, but only for users of that site. User policies override both global and site policies for the users to whom the user policy is assigned.

In order to configure and use archiving, you must first install the Archiving Server and the archiving database.

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