Topic Last Modified: 2011-01-24

To add a new Compliance Server to the pool or to change to a standby Compliance Server, you need to change the active Compliance Server listed in the Group Chat database. There can be only one active Compliance Server in each pool.

To change the active Compliance Server

  1. Disable the currently active Compliance Server by following the steps described in Disabling the Active Compliance Server.

  2. If the Compliance Server you want to enable was previously disabled and a backup of the compliance data tables exists, restore the data in those tables by using the backup.

  3. Enable the standby Compliance Server by doing the following:

    • In the Group Chat database, find the row in the tblServerIdentity table that has a serverAddress value that corresponds to the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the server that you want to enable.

    • Update this row, changing the serverType value back to 4, which identifies this server as the active server. You can never have more than one row with a serverType value of 4.

  4. Start your newly activated Compliance Server.

  5. Start all Channel Servers and Lookup Servers.