Topic Last Modified: 2011-03-02

The two major goals of our testing were as follows:

We performed both functionality testing and limited-load testing.

In functionality testing, a real person used a client computer to perform a series of tests while the system was under limited-stress load. We used functionality testing to get pass/fail results and provided perspective on the user experience. We also used performance monitoring counters to assess system health.

With limited-stress testing, we put some stress on the system but did not push it to its limits. We simulated 25,000 concurrent users accessing different resources in the topology.

Microsoft does not stipulate any particular third-party vendors for the purpose of implementing the solution described in this section; however, in order to perform our testing of this solution, we used hardware supplied by F5 and Network Equipment Technologies.

The descriptions of vendor components used for testing the solution described in this document are included to provide complete technical information. These descriptions do not constitute either an endorsement of the listed vendors or their products, or a requirement, explicit or otherwise, that their products be used.

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