Topic Last Modified: 2010-11-09

Customize Microsoft Lync 2010 error messages by adding a link to your own troubleshooting or Help desk information. To do this, use the New-CSClientPolicy or Set-CSClientPolicy Lync Server Management Shell cmdlets with the CustomLinkInErrorMessages parameter. The text of the custom link is “Click here for support topics from your administrator,” and it cannot be customized.

For example, the following command causes the custom link to appear in the footnote area of every Lync 2010 error message and sets the link destination to

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New-CsClientPolicy -Identity LyncErrorLink -CustomLinkInErrorMessages "http://contoso/help/LyncHelpDesk.aspx"

Use Grant-CSClientPolicy to assign this new policy to users. For details, see New-CSClientPolicy and Grant-CSClientPolicy in the Lync Server Management Shell documentation.