Topic Last Modified: 2011-01-27

This section describes how to use client policies and XML files to add the following custom features to Microsoft Lync 2010:

Lync 2010 does not support adding custom tabs to the Lync main window. Feedback from customers and developers indicated that using a custom command to pass contextual information to an external application was a more usable and more discoverable integration option for end users.

For details about adding custom commands to Lync 2010, see Adding Commands to Lync 2010 Menus and Integrating a Third-Party Collaboration Application with Lync 2010.

This section also describes how to initiate a Lync 2010 conversation from another application by using Lync 2010 command-line parameters.

For details about additional ways to customize Lync 2010, see the resources listed in the following table.

To do this Use this tool Find out more

Add Lync 2010 functionality to a custom application

Lync Controls

“Lync Controls” in the Microsoft Lync 2010 SDK at

Integrate a web application with the Lync Conversation window

Lync Extensibility window

“Launching Applications in the Lync Extensibility Window” in the Lync SDK at

Automate the Lync 2010 user interface from another application

Microsoft Lync 2010 API Automation class

“Extensibility API Concepts” in the Lync SDK at

Modify Lync 2010 behavior, available features, and default settings

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 management tools

Lync Server Management Shell documentation

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