Topic Last Modified: 2012-11-01

The Centralized Logging Service is a new feature in Lync Server 2013. It is an enhanced replacement for the OCSLogger and OCSTracer tools that were provided in previous releases. You can use the Centralized Logging Service to perform the following tasks:

The Centralized Logging Service is extremely powerful and can meet nearly all of the needs for troubleshooting problems—large or small. From root cause analysis to performance problems, the Centralized Logging Service can be an important tool for any administrator. All examples are shown using the Lync Server Management Shell. There is a command-line component for the Centralized Logging Service called CLSController.exe. Help is provided for the command-line tool through the tool itself. However, there is a limited set of functions that you can execute from the command line. By using Lync Server Management Shell, you have access to a much larger and much more configurable set of features. You should always consider Lync Server Management Shell as the first and foremost method when using the Centralized Logging Service.

The topics in this section explain how to use the Centralized Logging Service and examples of how to use its many features.

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