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Returns information about the current state of the backup service for a specified pool. This cmdlet was introduced in Lync Server 2013.


Get-CsBackupServiceStatus -PoolFqdn <Fqdn> [-Category <UserData | CMS>] [-Force <SwitchParameter>]


Example 1

The preceding command returns the backup service status for the pool

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Get-CsBackupServiceStatus -PoolFqdn ""

Detailed Description

The Get-CsBackupServiceStatus cmdlet enables administrators to verify that the backup service for a specified Registrar pool has been configured and is working properly. Note that, by default, only users who belong to the RTCUniversalServerAdmins group are allowed to run this cmdlet and check the backup status for a pool. To provide additional groups with permission to run the cmdlet, use the Set-CsBackupServiceConfiguration cmdlet to add those groups to the AuthorizedUniversalGroups property.

To return a list of all the role-based access control (RBAC) roles this cmdlet has been assigned to (including any custom RBAC roles you have created yourself), run the following command from the Windows PowerShell command-line interface prompt:

Get-CsAdminRole | Where-Object {$_.Cmdlets –match "Get-CsBackupServiceStatus"}

Lync Server Control Panel: The functions carried out by the Get-CsBackupServiceStatus cmdlet are not available in the Lync Server Control Panel.


Parameter Required Type Description




Fully qualified domain name of the pool whose backup service status is being checked. For example:

-PoolFqdn ""




Type of backup whose status is being checked. Allowed values are:


* UserData

If this parameter is not specified then both backup types will be checked.




Suppresses the display of any non-fatal error message that might occur when running the command.

Input Types

None. The Get-CsBackupServiceStatus cmdlet does not accept pipelined input.

Return Types

Returns information about the backup service.

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